SABOAMIIE enterprise is established to create and maintain reciprocal working relationships with other government, local and ethical businesses. Our experience deployed to create the right balance of qualities to be a significant organization in businesses community.

SABOAMIIE hosts, four types of exclusive client services. You can choose the level of unique service that best suits your intended level of professionalism.

Project Selection Limits

  1. The client's project has to be of social and humanitarian development nature, free from any political, military or discriminatory character.
  2. Client has to justify that the project is not hazardous environmentally and has acquired No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned authorities.
  3. The project should not be planned on disputed property / territory and should not be a basis of controversy among the population of the area.
  4. Project Quality Plan must have the capacity to stand against natural calamities.
  5. The equity shareholders should prepare their legal documents in conformity with the governing law of the country to avoid differences and disputes.
  6. Application for project funding worth must be between EURO 5 million to 1 billion Euros.
  7. Client should have the ability to provide collateral in the form of Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) MTNs, and CDs to acquire project funding.
  8. One BG/SBLC can cover several small accumulative projects worth EURO 20 million or upstairs.
  9. Project completion period should not be less than 2 to 20 years.
  10. Project must be high quality, high standard and execute with best materials.
  11. The project must have development effects for social economic development and effective to reduce the jobless.

2- Private Public Partnership. (PPP)

Public Health Initiatives

Commercially Focused

Research Based Program

Public Events


Brief of the Program

What is PPP in Infrastructure Projects?
PPP is regulated by UNECE (United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe), Canadian Council of PPPs (CCPPP) and Top Trade Platforms (TTP) as an attractive alternative to obtain Non-refundable funds for humanitarian projects. The UNECE presented PPP as Public Private Partnership. CCPPP presented PPP as Private Sector Participation (PSP). The PPP Trade Platform codes mean Private Placement Trade Programs. Usually all PPP's are for humanitarian projects development purposes and can cycle through private sectors.
Why Choice of PPP?
Governments in most developing countries face the challenge to meet the growing demand for new and better infrastructure provisions and services. As available funding from the traditional sources and capacity in the public sector to implement many projects remain limited, governments do not have enough funds, so it become relevant to go into partnership with the private sector. It is an attractive alternative to obtain Non-refundable funds and improve the resource of infrastructural services. The partners in a PPP, usually through a legally binding contract or some other mechanism, agrees to share their facilities and responsibilities related to implementation and/or operation , management and development of the infrastructure projects. This collaboration or partnership is built on the expertise of each partner that meets clearly defined public needs through the appropriate allocation.

Why PPPs are attractive to governments?
PPPs have become attractive to governments as an off-budget mechanism for infrastructure development as:

They can enhance the supply of much-needed infrastructure funding.    

They may not require any immediate cash spending, only Bank instrument SBLC/BG will generate the required funds for the projects.

They provide relief from the burden of the costs of design and construction. The PPP service provider arranges funds and project management and the governments do not have    to pay any amount.

They allow transfer of many project risks to the private sector.

They fulfill the promise of better project design, choice of technology, construction, operation and service delivery.

Why SABOAMIIE for PPP Service?
SABOAMIIE is an international well known and legally registered having wide experience, lead with top trade platforms and acts with risk free standard procedures for its qualified clients. SABOAMIIE knows the basic needs of the population, therefore SABOAMIIE offers its professional and useful services with full responsibility for the development of your noteworthy projects. Register today your firm and apply for the service.

3.- Private Placement Trade Services

What is the Private trade Program?

This is the sale purchase program of the bank instruments TN's, SBLC's, BG, CD, s LTN's in trade markets.

Since the bank instruments as SBLC's, BG and especially "MTN" (Medium Term Note) are major sources and reasons of private placement business exists.

Definition of 'Medium Term Note - MTN'

A note that usually matures in five to 10 years. 
2. A corporate note continuously offered by a company to investors through a dealer. Investors can choose from differing maturities, ranging from nine months to 30 years.

Explain Medium Term Note - MTN'

  1.  Notes range in maturity from one to 10 years. By knowing that a note is medium term, investors have an idea of what its maturity will be when they compare its price to that of other fixed- income securities. All else being equal, the coupon rate on medium-term notes will be higher than those achieved on short-term notes.
  2.  This type of debt program is used by a company so it can have constant cash flows coming in from its debt issuance; it allows a company to tailor its debt issuance to meet its financing needs. Medium-term notes allow a company to register with the SEC only once, instead of every time for differing maturities.

Full Explanation
High number of people actively participating in the private placement trade program and bank instrument business, there are very few that truly understand what a medium term note is?  We would like to give a short brief about this business to our valued clients.
By definition, Medium Term Notes (MTN's) are debt instruments which are created by banks and sold to investors, having a predefined face value, date of maturity, and annual interest rate.
For example, you may have a 10 year note issued from any top 25 western Bank worth 100M, collecting a coupon (interest) of 6.5% per year.  Each year you would receive 4.5 M until the date of its maturity, where you may cash it in for its full face value.
Though an MTN has similar characteristics to other debt notes, it is completely unique due to its flexibility, price, resale potential, and ability to be purchased at a discount from face.
Bank instruments, such as medium term notes and bank guarantees, are the very important to any private trade program.  Since these notes can be purchased at a discount from top banks, traders can earn quite a hefty profit, all while being risk free due to a prior contractual obligation they had with an “exit buyer”.
As an “exit buyer” is the entity which purchases the MTN/BG at a slightly higher value, but still discounted from face. Once the first exit buyer purchases the note from the trader, the process repeats itself several times until a final buyer purchases it to hold until maturity. By that time, the note has a very small discount (ex. 93% of face), but many conservative buyers are happy with the remaining spread and annual interest.
So, we would like to inform our client that our special team is highly qualified, experts and professional and have full object on MTNs, BG, and SBLC market so always they are in the 1st step sale and purchase of the bank instruments.

Avoid Fraudulent High Yield Investment Programs

SABOAMIIE received information from different clients about some fraudulent approaches from individuals stating that they should invest in PPP (Private Placement Programs) schemes whereby an exceptional amount of returns are guaranteed within an extremely short tenure. This is in the form of High Yielding Investment Programs / Financial Instruments, examples of which are as following.

So avoid fake and fraudulent parties, if you are able to issue a real non-leased cash backed instrument as SBLC,BG, CD, MTN then register your name and KYC and contact today to SABOAMIIE professional and expert team to manage your asset with full legal responsibility and generate the funds for your project as well.

4- Finance for Private Sector Projects

SABOAMIIE provides best financial service to its private sector client for the humanitarian projects in form of Grants, Dividends and low interest loan against SBLC, BG, CD, MTN and LTN while the client project is a fundamental, humanitarian and useful for social and economic development of the population and limited in acceptable projects which must have demonstration effects that to go beyond the benefits captured in the financial frequency of return.

5- International corporate business services for trade

SABOAMIIE high qualied teamalso provides the internationalcorporate services as Business Advisory Service, Registered Agent, Finance and Banking Investment and Stock Exchange, Accounting and Tax Services and Company Incorporation to chain or consolidate certain enterprise-wide needed support services according to rules and law,  based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve internal (and sometimes external) customers and business partners.

6- Asset Management service.

SABOAMIIE asset management, broadly monitors and managing assets of an entity or group.. Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. SABOAMIIE provides below corporate business services.

Infrastructure asset management

Enterprise asset management

Public asset management

Financial asset management

Hard asset management

7- Supply of Strategic Goods

SABOAMIIE provides the best quality and high standard strategic goods with high discount or subsidy prices only for civil, social and public economic development. It is understood very well that the strategic goods are the prime needs of the publics. So we provides full support and high discount serves to Public or Private sector for significant development projects in the Agriculture, Industrial, Manufacturing and Production, Water, Irrigation, Power and Energy, Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Trade and Commerce, Transport, Communication, Culture and Arts, Sales Marketing, Tourism, and all other industries that would create employment opportunities for the people and communities of that particular region.

We are supplying the below listed strategic goods at 10 % to 30 % discount prices depends on client order, capability, origin or the product and effects of the product for social and civil development purpose.

  2.   SUGAR
  5.   IRON
  6.   RICE