Energy / Power

More than 90% of our development depend on modern technology and the energy is the blood for technology. Bad luck we are seeing different disputes and wars in the world due to energy. If the strong countries who spending too much funds for proxy wars, disputes and creating the problems and accusing others on different libels, its absolutely not wisdom and not human think. The funds which they are spending to achieve their mysterious aims of energy, but will having highly good effects for world pace if they use for pace and natural resources and develop their own resources than all requirement of them will fulfill regarding the energy.
For Example: The development of solar energy, water analysis system in cars and vehicles to run by water, the Strong Hydraulic system for rolling the 20/50 MW Generator, wind power, waste managing for energy, cultivation/agriculture of gas productive bacteria with waste grasses with scientific method and Geo Thermal energy.
SABOAMIIE is exceedingly interested to develop the projects of Electrical and non-dangerous fuel energy for both public and private sectors, because the development of safe and scientific energy projects have very good effects on world pace and social economic development and have best effects on human life quality.

Hydropower Dams Projects.
Small Hydropower's Projects
Wind Energy Projects
Solar Energy Projects
Geo Thermal Energy Projects
Hydraulics System Energy Projects
Agricultural Productive Energy Projects